Desmos marbleslides answers

Desmos marbleslides answers

A collection of lessons that I like from my class, or that I've found through the magic of the internets. Great idea for learning equations of lines. I wish I had this when I was in high school. I think it really would have motivated a lot of people to learn how to plot lines.

It's great because your students are probably not only learning how to plot lines but also having fun with it and therefore retaining the information.

Explore math with Desmos.

Friday, February 17, Desmos Marbleslide Challenges. This year I've implemented Desmos marbleslide challenges throughout my classes that have been really exciting, fun and educational for my students.

If you aren't familiar with Marbleslides you are totally missing out! The basic idea is that marbles will fall down from a certain point on a graph, and students need to graph equations to help them collect all of the stars on the screen.

The original activities went so well last year, that I decided to regularly give more marbleslides challenges throughout the year. I wanted to give activities that anyone familiar with graphing lines could complete with some effort, but that could also provide further challenge for students who know more about graphing. I started creating single page challenges and posting an advertisement for them on my door and in my classroom along with a high score board from the previous week.

I award scores not for a grade, just for fun based on number of stars obtained, creativity, consistency and on using fewer functions. All of the challenges can be completed with multiple linear equations, but I challenge students who know more to use fewer, more complex functions. I knew that this would be a fun activity for my students, and could help provide some extra challenge, but it has far exceed my expectations for what it could be.

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It has created a need for them to learn more, completely on their own, about different types of graphs and how to manipulate them. I have had students in my class who have only formally learned about straight lines pulling out answers like this:. Every once in awhile I'll drop a little clue for a new type of equation that might help, and they run with it or search things out on their own.

Here are a few more mind blowing examples from students who've gone way above and beyond my expectations:. The bearded face is part of the challenge. The student answered by making a hat! The challenges have also helped me to further differentiate and more easily manage my classroom.

Whenever students finish an assignment or assessment early, I point them to a challenge and off they go. I'm really happy that I started these challenges, and if you try them at your school I hope that work out as well for you as they have for me! If you'd like take a shot at one of the marbleslides challenges yourself, give this one a try.

If you want to try to implement these are your school, here at the first 8 challenges I used this year, and I will continue adding to this list. Posted by Mr. Sweeney at PM. Unknown March 3, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me Mr. Sweeney Philadelphia, PA I'm a high school math teacher who teaches at a private school in the suburbs of Philadelphia.Marbleslides is the latest activity from my team at Desmos.

We set up some stars. If you want a preview, head to student. If you want to set up your own class, head to the Marbleslides activities listingchoose a function family, and get a classcode of your own.

Whenever possible we want students to experience the same sense of delight about math that all of us at Desmos feel. Students can experience that delight both in pure and applied contexts and Marbleslides is that latter experience. Seriously, try not to grin.

Student Marbleslides

Purposeful Practice. Picture two students, both graphing dozens of rational functions. One finds the experience dreary and the other finds it purposeful. The difference is the wrapper around that graphing task. If the wrapper is no more purposeful than a worksheet of graphing tasks, your student may fatigue after the first few graphs. Students have a goal. Their pursuit of that goal will put you in a position to have some interesting conversations about these functions and their transformations.

I did marble slides with exponentials in my class. They had to graph exponentials by hand the night before for homework and struggled, so I thought it would be a great opener for the class.

The kids loved it. Great set up in low entry point and working its way up to attainable challenge problem. When kids first try to change the base, they use 2, 3, 4, 5. They have to realize it might be something other than just an integer.

I had a tech problem with it yesterday morning, tweeted at Desmos, they were right on it to fix it and let me know it was fixed. They even said they were on standby for me. This support was awesome.

Thanks, Dan, for following up after to check in and see how it went. I think it really solidified their understanding in a fun way. I would like to translate the text in french, is there a way.Marbleslides is a great teaching and learning game created at desmos. How about instant feedback for students?

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This is so interactive and quick, they are more likely to stick with it. You may have invented it, too, or some version of it.

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The marbleslides activities allow kids to stick with it, even if they are not as far along as other people in the room. You can very easily spend more time with the kids who need you.

You can make suggestions, but never give away the answer. You can remind them to read the instructions if they missed them which happens a lot.

They are feeling challenged whether they are on slide 7 or slide For the teacher: Very little planning time is involved and you get to use that time to assess and reflect. It provides instant information to be used for formative assessment.

We had already learned this and I thought it would be good to start them with something familiar before moving on to new functions. I had hoped this would also strengthen their understanding of the transformations of that parent function. It did. So, they were able to learn to navigate desmos and how marbleslides works. Then, a week later, after introducing exponential functions, I had them do the marbleslides activity for that function. You will be up and running in no time.

You can email their team or me if you want more info about what I did. However, this will certainly raise engagement and increase understanding. Well… devices — iPads or computers. So, you may need to schedule some lab time.

Totally worth it.A collection of lessons that I like from my class, or that I've found through the magic of the internets. Thank you for putting this together!!!

While you mentioned this being appropriate for Algebra 1 and higher because of the linear equations, I am going to open it up to my 7CC and 8CC students and see what happens.

I "think" it will work for the same reasons you mentioned above I appreciate your time and we will see how the challenge goes! I copied it and have it set up for my students, giving you credit of course.

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This is a great idea and great activity. Extra credit is always a big hit. These marbleslides are killer! I'm having trouble getting the marbles out of the barrier for Challenge Any hints? Wednesday, August 16, A full year set of 36 weekly Marbleslide Challenges! Posted by Mr. Sweeney at PM. Labels: Algebra 1Algebra 2calculusdesmosfunmarbleslidesPrecalculus.

Jessica algebrainiac1 August 16, at PM. Martin August 17, at PM. Nicole Hansen February 4, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me Mr. Sweeney Philadelphia, PA I'm a high school math teacher who teaches at a private school in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

This year I'll be teaching Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Calculus. View my complete profile. Ho - Mathing The Exponential Curve. Labels Algebra 21 Algebra 1 16 Algebra 2 12 award 1 ballistics 2 Be Less Helpful 1 Best fit lines 1 calculus 7 catapult 3 Community 4 concrete 1 Dance steps 2 dancing 2 derivatives 2 desmos 3 dyscalculia 1 equations 2 exams 1 exponents 2 factoring 1 failing 1 first day 1 fractions 1 fun 4 functions 1 game 1 general 2 geogebra 2 Graphing 4 Graphing Stories 1 graphs 1 humor 2 LD 1 learning 1 Life skillz 1 limits 1 linear equations 2 logs 1 marbleslides 4 MTOC 2 music 1 Music video 1 patterns 1 Precalculus 4 projects 4 Quadratic Formula 1 Quadratics 4 rap 1 slope 2 solving 1 song 5 strategies 2 Studying 3 Systems of equations 1 tricks 2 Trigonometry 1 video 1 videos 4 WolframAlpha 1 yearbook 1.

Subscribe To Posts Atom. Comments Atom.Last summer at Twitter Math Camp, someone mentioned that they have their students to to teacher. Pure genius I tell you. Next year, I hope to be more intentional about how I use this with students because this year it just sort of happened without any sort of plan whatsoever. What happened was awesome. Those were my thoughts when I started this post.

There were no rules. They could do whatever they wanted.

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The idea came out of desperation more than anything. With how much time left of class?!? And you finished the Marbleslides activity from yesterday?

Explore math with Desmos.

Umm…I guess go to teacher. Good idea. Do that! The first couple were basic -what I expected to see. After the test that week, they asked if they could work on it more. What would they come up with? I had to find out. We ended up spending 2 days where most all of my students worked on creating Marbleslides. The first day, I let students go with minimal direction other than to create their own Marbleslides. I want you to work to figure it out. I directed them back to the Marbleslide activity they had done a few days prior to look at those graphs to try to figure it out, and they did.Post a Comment.

Also Linear Inequalities. Students started with estimating a giant Hershey's bar. Some students estimated in grams and ounces.

A French student estimated in kilograms. Most students estimated in pounds. Some students thought it was really heavy and possibly 20 percent of Mr Stadel's weight. So, basically a lot overestimated, and some underestimated. For the most part students were not too courageous with their too low and too highs. In most classes I asked what the relationship between pounds and ounces was. At least 3 in each class knew there were 16 ounces in a pound so multiply the answer by 16 ounces.

We also discussed how much 2. I liked how some students knew it would be a power of 10, but weren't sure if there were grams or 1, grams in a kilogram. In pairs you will login to one of your google accounts. The blog post will later be posted to this persons blog.

What’s great about marbleslides

Below was my original plan, and it was a little too ambitious because they needed most of the period to get to the Challenge slides. The first slide was one of the harder slides for most students.

desmos marbleslides answers

When you try to record you must click allow to use microphone. After you've recorded it, go to your blog at Blogger. Create a new blog post. Click the movie icon to the right of the photo icon and click on My Youtube Videos and select your video.

desmos marbleslides answers

Finally, view your blog post. Copy the link to it and click send a tweet from the sidebar on my blog. They realized increasing the coefficient of x did not help. Then they decreased it. When they deleted it they were left with x. When they put in 1, they realized that it was still the same. Some students tried 0 and saw that it made it a flat horizontal line. They finally made the jump to trying decimals. It's interesting how a majority of students who solved this challenge decided to split the pathway of the marbles with an upside down V made of 2 lines.

I like how some students mentioned the x axis when the domain restriction was modified. Some incorrectly thought it would change the slope. Exploring with sliders and experimenting with domain restrictions. I liked how these students didn't put the line exactly on the top left corner of each rectangle and just let the marbles fall in. Most students realized the y intercept would change to 0.

One thought it would change the growth. Some students only mentioned it would get steeper. It was key to also mention that it would have positive or increasing slope. Notice the reference to Slope Dude Says I liked how 1 partnership noted it would increase and go up by more since 2 is greater than By posting your comment you agree to our house rules.

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Landing the Plane on Desmos: Practicing Linear Equations

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desmos marbleslides answers

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